The code is not updating in real time

I have often noticed that I can no longer apply changes in real time.

When I press command + R, it is no longer updated, nor when I press the Run button.

The changes only work when I click STOP, then RUN.

Any suggestion? In the code below I am changing the mix: from 0 to 1, and it has no effect, until I stop and run again.

with_fx :ping_pong, mix: 0 do
  live_loop :base do
    use_synth :chipbass
    use_random_seed 30
    notes = (scale :e4, :minor_pentatonic).shuffle.reverse
    co = (line 70, 130, steps: 8).tick
    8.times do
      play notes.tick, release: 0.2,  amp: 0.5 , cutoff:  130 #if one_in(2)
      sleep 0.5

Hello @carloseduardo :slightly_smiling_face:
What you are noticing is actually behaving that way by design at the moment. See for details and discussion surrounding this.

This is intended. The definition of the live loop is modified at runtime, so changing an effect only works inside the loop.

good to know ! as it’s recommended to use with_fx outside live_loops to consumme less ressources.
Right ?

Correct. It’s best to do it that way when system resources are scarce.
@samaaron has said that he is still interested in designing a system that lets you modify fx outside of live_loops, though that may be a while off.

learn a new english word :slight_smile: – scarse, short resources

:sweat_smile: corret!