Struggling with the panslicer

Hi everyone!

I’m struggling to achieve something simple with the panslicer FX. I want a progressive panslicer going -middle -right - left -right -left.

I’m not managing to achieve it, it starts on the right or on the left depending on the settings. Can someone help me to start the panslicer on the middle?

Here’s what I have now:

with_fx :panslicer, amp: 1, phase: 0.4, smooth: 3, smooth_slide: 1.5  do |c|
  control c, smooth: 0.4
  sample :ambi_glass_rub
  sleep 5

Hello @SaltyDaddy!
Here is an example that demonstrates starting the pan value in the middle :slight_smile:

with_fx :panslicer, phase: 2, pan_max: 0 do |c|
  sample :loop_amen_full, beat_stretch: 8
  sleep 1
  control c, pan_max: 1
  sleep 7

When using the default value of invert_wave: 0, the pan value starts at pan_max:, so here we initialise the panslicer with pan_max: 0 to start the effect in the middle of the stereo field.
Then, after half the phase duration, we reset it to pan_max: 1.
Is this enough to help?

(Also, as mentioned elsewhere, and for the benefit of anyone else reading, the smooth: opt is used to change the time it takes to transition between pan_max: and pan_min: (and vice versa). This means (and I may be wrong, so someone is free to correct me if so) that as far as I understand it, it really only makes sense to use values for smooth: that are no greater than this transition time. For example, for a square wave (the default wave for the panslicer) with phase: 0.4, the fx transitions between pan_max: and pan_min: in 0.2 beats (half of the phase), so smooth: 0.2 is really the most useful maximum value for it).


Great detailed explanation. Thank you very much!

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