Sonic Pi plays Ode to Joy

Recently musicians in may countries on lockdown have been getting together via Zoom and other collaborative software to play pieces together, including Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. Here is my tribute to them using three Computers each using Sonic Pi to play the opening of Ode to Joy together.

The piece can be played on a single instance of Sonic Pi as well, either as a single file (played using run_file as it is too large for a single buffer) or split into three buffers, linked together by an osc sync command (or you could use simple cue and sync in this case).

I have put the code on my gist site here

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Hi @robin.newman,

this is really nice. I like that you coded several (3? 4?) voices and let all machines play together like a chamber orchestra!

I listed to it this evening with my 10-year-old daughter. We have been at the concert hall end of last year and listened to Beethoven’s 9th symphony which was quite an impressive ‘live’ experience. She is a fan of the Ode of Joy.

Thanks Martin. It was fun to do. I had each machine playing two parts, and it worked nicely with three machines, as the parts start in pairs for the section that I covered. I may revisit it, as the Dutch Orchestra who gave me the idea on YouTube did an arrangement bringing in further instruments. I could even get to full orchestra, although that covers 17 instruments plus timpani (not counting the voice parts!). You can play what I’ve done so far easily on one machine, but it is more fun using several. I could probably stretch to five. Mac, Windows PC, 2 and virtial Ubuntu!

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