Sonic Pi on Ubuntu

Hello there, I’m a CS teacher in high school in Italy, do you plan to release Sonic Pi for Ubuntu or other Linux distribution (in the Internet I’ve found only old or not working installation file)

Have a look at Flatpak, I used to compile Sonic Pi for Ubuntu, Arch, Endeavour… but the Flatpak version works fine and is obviously a lot easier to get running.

Have a look at configuring your distro for Flatpak here: Set Up Flathub | Flathub

And install Sonic Pi by clicking the button here: Sonic Pi | Flathub or running flatpak install flathub net.sonic_pi.SonicPi to install it and flatpak run net.sonic_pi.SonicPi to run it.

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Thanks, R2L! It does work!

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I just installed Ubuntu 23.10 and the flatpak version of sonic pi v4.5 worked.
Previously on Ubuntu 22.10 neither the flatpak or the built version worked due to
pipewire problems.

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I’m waiting for 24.04 to update my audio workstation and can report back on how Sonic Pi works on that version. Both from the repo and flatpak. As I understood Ubuntu will be using pipewire but since I’m installing Ardour and other audio packages it will revert back to Jack. I hope this won’t cause any issues with other software I’m using. Now I’m on Endeavour OS (Arch based distro) but I’m moving back to Ubuntu as that’s what I’m using for work and I no longer want to maintain two distros (unless Ubuntu fails to work as both development and audio workstation).