Sonic Pi on OpenSuse Thumbleweed

All prebuilt packages avaible for OpenSuse Thumbleweed rely on “”, but the avaible package is “libqscintilla2_qt5-15 -”. I tried to link to the avaible file with a symlink, but Sonic Pi crashed on start when doing it this way.

So i thought about compiling the thing myself. I could resolve some dependencies, but i couldn’t find a way to come arround this yet:
mumbo@linux-kimv:~/Downloads/sonic-pi-master/app/gui/qt> cmake ./
– CMakeLists: Sonic Pi
CMake Error at /usr/lib64/cmake/Qt5/Qt5Config.cmake:28 (find_package):
Could not find a package configuration file provided by “Qt5Opengl” with
any of the following names:


  Add the installation prefix of "Qt5Opengl" to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or set
  "Qt5Opengl_DIR" to a directory containing one of the above files.  If
  "Qt5Opengl" provides a separate development package or SDK, be sure it has
  been installed.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  CMakeLists.txt:39 (find_package)

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
See also "/home/mumbo/Downloads/sonic-pi-master/app/gui/qt/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log".

I got the package “libQt5OpenGL-devel”, including these both files:
however cmake seems unable to find them. What do do?
Thank you