Sonic Pi featured exhibit for BC Youth Week in Vancouver

Come see live coding at the Roundhouse in Vancouver for youth week May 1st to 5th 2018!

This exhibit, called ‘Algo[Rhythm].play’ features the hard work of senior high school students from King George Secondary in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Together we explored how algorithms underlie many of the media technologies we use everyday. And how through the design of software our choices about how to be creative can become limited and to a certain degree beyond our control.

By exploring generating their own algorithms using Sonic Pi, students challenged themselves to push the boundaries of conventional music making - by incorporating elements like randomness and concurrency into compositions that were meaningful to them.

I’m very proud of the work they accomplished. Their work holds up as a true example of Sonic Pi changing music education in schools as well as making ripples in the art world. Many of the students were inspired by watching youtube videos of @samaaron, @mrbombmusic and @robin.newman among many others. And so we thank the community for their many contributions.

Live coding is alive and well in Vancouver. Please stop by the exhibit if you’re in town!




Wow, amazing stuff! This is wonderful to see - thank-you so much for all your hard work and for sharing it with out community :slight_smile:

is there any video/audio?

Hi Paum. Unfortunately I do not have permission to share the children’s work online. Sorry