Recording the output of my hardware step sequencer in to sonic-pi?

Hi everyone hope you’re doing well and staying safe :slight_smile: I have a hardware midi sequencer which has both Note and drum patterns, the drum patterns are separate midi notes within a single MIDI channel. Using Sonic Pi would it be possible to record the sequences from my hardware sequencer to use in generative code situations? Link to the sequencer I’m using:

Thanks for your help everyone it means a lot :slight_smile:

Hi @soundwarrior,

It’s currently not simple to record event streams such as those created via MIDI hardware from within Sonic Pi at the moment - although this is something that’s been on the radar for a while with the tentative name “data riff”.

At the moment, Sonic Pi is much more suited to reacting in real-time to incoming MIDI streams using live_loops set to use_real_time mode.