Record a performance's keystrokes or MIDI+OSC

I’d like to see a feature to record a full performance, meaning all the live coding edits and reloads—basically all the keystrokes. No audio, just a script that you could play back in Sonic Pi on any of its platforms.

Alternatively, a feature to record all of a performance’s MIDI out + OSC out. It’s easy enough to record Sonic Pi’s MIDI messages when it sends MIDI to the DAW I’m using as a VST host (e.g., Bitwig), but there is no cross platform app I can find that will record both MIDI and OSC. The app Vezer records MIDI+OSC on Mac only, but it doesn’t automatically forward input received on a port out to the same port, so it would be practically useless even if it were cross platform. I’m suggesting a MIDI+OSC recorder that, upon playback, will send messages in exactly the same way as it received them. I guess that would require the user to make some settings when going between Mac and Windows.

@blipson - at least regarding the ability to record all code changes and programmatically play them back - this is on the wish list, essentially tied into the mechanism that already stores buffer contents in a Git commit any time a new Run is triggered :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s good to hear. I tacked on the MIDI+OSC idea in case the code-change recorder would be more involved than a MIDI+OSC recorder. If these DAWs that process OSC would just record it, too, then that would tide me over, but no. Code-change recorder would look cool.

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