Range error in doc


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There is a typo into the doc concerning the range instruction

It should be step instead of step_size.

Here is an example of difference between range and line

live_loop :differenceBetweenRangeAndLine do
  withRange = (range 0, 10,  step: 2, inclusive: true).tick
  puts withRange
  # step : the value added each tick
  withLine = (line 0, 10,  steps: 5, inclusive: true).tick("line")
  # steps describe the number of step to reach the end value
  puts withLine
  play :c, amp: withRange
  sleep 1

Looks like it’s this line: sonic-pi/core.rb at 6f36ac72137d9c536ccd8969771c7777adbc6f08 · sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi · GitHub
Why don’t you send a pull request? (I’m happy to do it if you prefer, but if you do it you’ll get the credit in the contributor list).

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ok @emlyn i will do and i should have privileged the github channel for this king of error :slight_smile:

well i am not very sure of what steps i have to do to send a pull request (i have to investigate this point one day). Edit : a priori it’s ok a pull request has been added.

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