Quantising Midi Input


a question: Has anyone thought about or even a sketch/solution of how to quantise midi input in Sonic Pi?

(Is this feasible at all?)

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Perhaps all MIDI events could be added to a buffer and then have live_loop that pulls events from the buffer and schedules them at regular intervals?

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Hi @nabisco,

yes, that is what I somehow thought about. Maybe this is a candidate for the time_warp function.

The broader context is that I thought about providing some midi input and record it (quantised) and play it back (such as 8 beats later). Maybe I am on the wrong path with my idea, that’s why I bringing it up for discussion.

I played around with recording midi events for a drum machine.

I saved the key and time and used the quantise function.
It didn’t work well and I scrapped it, I’ll see if I still have the code.

Oh, I completely forgot! There is already a quantise function. Thanks for the reminder.

And yes, I would be interested in your code to maybe get me started!

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Didn’t find the original code, here is something more recent (still not working though :neutral_face:):

#Recording MIDI events


live_loop :scan do
  key,vel = sync "/midi/*/*/1/note_on"
  t = get 'time'
  cue 'event', key,t[0]  #Sends a message with key and time

live_loop :timer do
  4.times do  #Equals 4/4
    4.times do  #Equals 1/4
      cue 'time', tick / 4.0
      sleep 0.25  #Equals 1/16

#####Not Working/Unfinished:

keys = []
times = []

live_loop :recorder do
  key,t = sync 'event'
  keys = keys + key
  times = times + k
  #Needs something to stop recording after 4bars, 8bars?

#Run through the lists with at?
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