Path to buffer?


My super cool project is stuck on my MacOs because off

 Your code buffer has reached capacity. 
 Please remove some code before continuing. 
 For working with very large buffers use: 
 run_file "/path/to/buffer.rb"

Does this mean I need to work on my project in VScode save it as a buffer.rb and than allocate it when running my sonicPi?

And my project needs to run on a RPI! Is this an issue with large buffers (and a question probably coming up in the future with a lot of osc messages coming in?)

I’ll probably find the buffer error solution on the platform. But the question for this on RPI is maybe harder to find??

There is a limit on the size that can be accommodated in a SP buffer. The solution is to save your code in a text for and then to use the run_file command to execute it. Over 50% of the stuff I wrote falls into this category and I use this a lot.

See helpfile for details on the command.


Yes it was a panic question, apologies!

I’ve found out how to run with run_file.

Does this increase overall performance of the SP?

Or is this not related to the performance?

Don’t think it is related to performance.

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