Opt :cutoff_release is not modulatable

I have mention elsewhere already I am writing my own little step sequencer and am currently having this problem:
Turns out when the steps are executed, its properties are retrieved and depending on whether this is a note-triggering (i.e. note on) or a sliding step (i.e. legato) either play or control is called. However, the parameters/properties passed to play/control are always the same, so a parameter like “cutoff_release” might accidentally be passed to control, but this results in a runtime error and playback aborts.
What I need is either

  1. a way to programatically check whether a parameter is applicable to control/play before issuing the call


  1. A way to make SonicPi simply ignore the non-controllable parameter, without aborting playback.

The second option would be way easier to handle …

Is there a way out?



just found out that this is doing the trick:

use_arg_checks false