New live tick count catching up to existing live_loops

What techniques do people use to create a new loop that is in tick-count sync (not time sync) with existing threads.

E.g. imagine that I start with a drum beat, and then add some chords. Then, I want to create a live loop with a bassline. If I just write it and start it, the tick count is in a different place from the chords.

The two solutions that I can see are:

To modify my metronome to print out a bar count position in the chord progression,. so that I can start new threads so that they are in sync with the existing chord progression being played by other tracks.

Or, to not use tick in threads, but have the metronome thread increment a bar counter shared with other threads through get/set.

Or, I could use tick_set so that new threads start reading from the metronome’s tick value, but then I can remove that code and let them run free once they are in sync.

Are there easier/better/alternative method(s)?

This seems to me to be a simple question, but I couldn’t find previous threads discussing it. Perhaps I searched on the wrong terms.