Monthly Challenge #2 - Ideas

Hello again Sonic Pi’ers!

As challenge #1 comes to an end it’s time to start thinking about the next one, for November.

Lets use the heart system to vote on ideas that people post below and the most hearts becomes the next challenge.

So, post your ideas for the next challenge and heart the one that you would like to see most as challenge #2


My idea for challenge #2 is metamorphosis – I think it will be really interesting to see what algorithms people can come up with, using Sonic Pi and other tools, to transform their track into something completely different as it progresses.

use_bpm 240


loop do
for i in 0…14
if choose(dsc) == choose(asc)
then asc[i] = dsc[i]
play asc[i]
sleep 1.0

I’m loving your enthusiasm @hitsware but this thread was for people to post their ideas for the challenge, not do the challenge :slight_smile:

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I think you should just choose the challenges, @binarysweets, otherwise it will take ages =)

But if you want ideas for the following months, here are some:

  • use only one synth and 1 to 3 different fx (mirror of the 1st one, but maybe less interesting)
  • draw inspiration from, or “remix”, an old song
  • use only samples from personal recordings
  • use a specific fx and only synths from the basic waves (sine, square…)

One idea I have so far: for whatever composition you come up with, if using the built in any samples, they must be played with at least a negative rate. (Ie, backwards, at whatever speed).

Idea: you pick a well know tune, like a folk song maybe, and we do a short arrangement of it in SPi.

Chip style …
Only square waves
No envelopes

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I’ll make a note of all these ideas for future challenges and also add a note in each challenge for people to message me if they think of a new idea.

That will speed the process up a bit, as @enkid0 mentioned.

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