MIDI Keyboard with Sonic Pi No Audio

My external midi keyboard works fine with Sonic Pi Beta 4.0, but not 3.3.1

I see the keyboard listed in Preferences under MIDI ports, but there is no activity in the log.

Just curious if there’s also an issue in v 3.3.1?

Which platform are you using 3.3.1 on? If on a Raspberry Pi on the latest raspberrypi OS (30th October 2021) you need version 3.3.1_2 downloadable from the sonic-pi.net website.

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Windows 11.

I hadn’t noticed there was a v 3.3.2 and so I installed it, but MIDI in still doesn’t work. I can use beta 4 for now.

OK what I was talking about was a binary version ONLY for Raspberry Pi.

OK, thanks. For what it’s worth, osc has the same issue. Doesn’t work for me on Win 11 v3.2.2, but works fine on beta 4