Midi in events not triggering

In this instance I just used the auto-suggested port ID that was provided. I have noticed that these port IDs will vary between sessions and yes, it would be a good idea to use wild cards to avoid being too specific - though I will always want to name a specific interface and midi channel.

Overall, I’m just exploring and have no specific application in mind at the moment. I used Reaper here to illustrate the port-sharing issue as it is the DAW that I’m most familiar with. In other instances it might have been Ableton, or other midi enabled apps like VCV Rack, or specific synth editors.

I do know that the port sharing issue will be a wider problem for a lot of people and I think the ability to enable/ignore specific ports will be invaluable in these situations. I have a lot of outboard synths and I can easily imagine a scenario where Sonic Pi is controlling some of them but other sequencers (e.g. Ableton) are controlling others. (And here’s where I might use loopMidi to send midi data and clock between them.)

I will look a way of submitting a feature request.

Thank you. You have been helpful. The fact that someone answered my questions and engaged with me shows me that this community is alive and welcoming and this has encouraged me greatly to keep learning about it :slight_smile:

so if i do understand you if i try the following scenario :

  • helm (a little synth software) received midi notes via loopmidi01 port
  • spi sends to loopmidi01 to play notes via helm
  • ableton live sends to loopmidi01 to play notes via helm

it will fail ?

Edit : it works but maybe i misunderstand your pb :slight_smile: again and again…

Hi BN,

Sounds like you’ve been to places that aren’t quite as friendly as we are.
If so you have my sympathy.

We get all types of people here, ranging from 10 year olds to 60+'s.

Many have no musical knowledge (me), cant play an instrument (me),
and break out in a sweat when they look at computer code (yup, also me).

This is a safe place, and there are no stupid questions.

You’ll almost always get a reply within a few hours, depending what time of
day/night you post, and if it’s something that catches peoples imaginations,
you’ll get swamped with replys and suggestions.

I think most of us are too busy learning and enjoying SP to get salty with people,
you know?

Certainly I’ve never seen it, and I’ve hung around maybe 3 years now.

So please relax, dive in, and enjoy SP along with the rest of us.
Welcome to the madness, matey.


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hi @Eli,

@BN1701 is very very cool you know :slight_smile: and in my opinion has never seemed to be nervous or something like angry.

I’ve been using synths since the end of the seventies and had an alternate life as a programmer until maybe ten years ago, so I guess you could say I’ve been around the block a few times and I’m lucky enough to feel confident about diving into most things new. What I often find though is that when I do come across something interesting it falls over in some way because it’s unfinished and I find there’s no one around to support it. That’s when I get discouraged. A bit like turning up at a party after everyone else has moved on. However, that definitely doesn’t seem to be the case here :slight_smile:

And I do agree that there are no stupid questions.

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Nothing in that scenario is using a the Windows USB class compliant driver so everything should work. The class compliant driver is only for USB hardware that doesn’t have a custom driver. And (I think) loopMidi ports can be shared, too. If I remember correctly, the guy who wrote loopMidi also offers a service writing custom drivers for other vendors, so I assume he understands the requirements completely :slight_smile:

I haven’t come across Helm, by the way, I’ll check it out at some point.

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I’ve faced a similar problem while trying to sync MIDI events from a Roland V-Drums.

Syncing using the following path didn’t work:

note, velocity = sync "/midi:td-1:0:10/note_on"

So I’ve followed the * trick mention above:

note, velocity = sync "/midi*/note_on"

It’s not a problem for me because I didn’t intend to sync multiple MIDI devices at the same time but it’s still didn’t get the root cause.

@zabladowski apologies - the issue you’re facing is known and we have a fix already applied which will be part of the next release which is taking a bit longer than expected to release. Hopefully in the next month or so.