Mac headphone socket neutralised

Hi. Has anyone else had problems with Sonic Pi stopping the headphone socket working on a new MacBook Pro? It works with iTunes and everything else, just not with my favourite program! Or is there some volume/output control I haven’t yet been able to find? Means that at present I can’t use Sonic Pi in public places without annoying people…Thanks for any steer :slight_smile:

Hi OvaNova and welcome to in_thread. SP should work fine with the headphone socket. It does so on my MacBook Pro using a wired headphone. Usually problems are occurring with users using bluetooth connected headphones. In this case the problem is that the connection sampling rate for the output signal is different from that employed by the input microphone signal, and Sonic Pi can’t cope with that. It requires the same sample rate for input and output {although a workaround may be included in the next release}.
Also Sonic PI ican be upset if the system default connection (which is what it connects to) is changed whilst it is operating. If you want to change the default connection do it before you start Sonic Pi, then start Sonic Pi, so you might find things work if you connect your phones, then start Sonic Pi.
You can check the sample rates for the input and output in use by using the Audio MIDI Setup utility (IN the Applications Utlities Folder: use Spotlight to search for it). When it starts, select Audio Devices form the Window Menu. MBP normally uses 41000Hz for its input and output rates. You can use different values with Sonic PI as long as input and output are the same.


Robin - thanks loads for this. You’re absolutely right, it doesn’t like a change while in use. Finding that if I want to switch to headphones (or vice versa) I need to quit and reload, which is no big deal, as you seldom want to switch more than once per session :slight_smile:

ahaha … I remember that issue … because my headphone socket is super loose.

I fixed the issue with an external usb sound card - it sounds better and is a snug fit.

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