List of math functions / operators

Hello everyone
I started to use sonic pi without musical or coding background

I would like to know all the tools possible to manipulate,compare numbers and boolean
Which are probably obvious to most of you, but not to me: D

like list of math functions / operators and their syntax that it is possible to use in sonic pi
Thanks for any help!

@baya - just an FYI, what you also need to know if you are wondering about things like this is that Sonic Pi is based on top of (but is not 100% compatible with) the Ruby language. There is a fair amount of crossover from Ruby to Sonic Pi as far as operators and basic math functions are concerned, but compatibility with any parts of Ruby may change at any time in the future.

That being said, for the moment, if you are wondering about basic operators and simple functions that aren’t described in Sonic Pi’s documentation, there’s a good chance they’re available in Ruby and may well work still. As Michael has shown above, Ruby tutorials or their official docs on the internet are just a search away :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers I will check it