JamKazam with sonic pi?

Hi there !

Have you ever used this software ?

Feedbacks appreciated

What use for spi ? A sonic pi virtual band ?
see you

Yes, this is what I tried during the first lockdown and at various times since. Not with Sonic Pi but with conventional instruments. Some of my friends think it’s great - but I’m not convinced. First off, it was very difficult to configure - for me anyway, you may get a different experience depending on your hardware.

Then the latency problem. The idea is to make the latency as short as possible, again that depends on your kit and especially your Internet connection.

What I found (as the drummer) was that even with small latency, trying to play as normal i.e. in ‘agreed time’ with say the bass, we gradually got slower and slower as we spiralled down with delay. The way to do it was to have me being the ‘primary clock’ e.g. playing to a metronome and everyone plays to that. Or have someone playing a backing track so the time can’t vary.

The people at the receiving end then get a good experience - they hear the drums or BT and what they are playing loudly and it’s in time. But what I hear is people all playing out of time ooouch!!! Sometimes if the delay was roughly a good division of the bar, then I heard something good - more syncopated than the player intended though :smile:

In that sense, using Sonic Pi as the primary clock could work very well.

One friend on bass loves Jamkazam, and plays with people in Australia, USA etc. from England. The ping time from here to Sydney is about 1/4 of a second, so they must be all over the place time-wise. You can’t break the laws of physics (Jim).

Currently I’ve given up on JKZM and just use zoom. Me on Sonic Pi laying down the time, remote people hear themselves in perfect time against that, we’re working out a style that doesn’t require such good time e.g. wailing tones rather than sharp notes.

…another thing I tried was ninJam (from the Reaper people) which is very easy to configure and has a very different timing model - more like Sonic Pi actually. Very good for looping type music with one chord :smile:

What I’m going to look at next is one of these collaborative-coding systems (recommended on here) but that means everyone on Sonic Pi rather than a mix of instruments.

ok thanks for all these informations. https://www.cockos.com/ninjam/ is free too right ?
it looks like https://sonobus.net/

Yes the server free. The client is within Reaper DAW, which isn’t free but you can use the eval.

I don’t know sonobus, but a glance suggests it’s like Jamkazam. Whereas ninJam is quite different: the model is that everyone is playing to a local metronome, the server takes each bar or phrase from everyone, stiches them together, then sends them to each user.