Ixi_define Function Not Defined?

Has the ixi_define function been removed from Sonic Pi? I can’t play back some of my pieces…


Sam disabled the code on Nov 29, 2022 in commit b346692b46233de05bccfd26d89bbb621b64cc9c
Spider - remove vendor cruft
Remove gems no longer used.

Note that the Ixi stuff is not cruft, it was just experimental and depended on a gem that is being removed. An implementation of Ixi lang is planned on top of the new Elixir stuff which is coming soon…

The source code is still there in a file ixi.rb in lib/sonic-pi/lang/ it is just no longer required in teh spider.server, and also the required gem file treetop is also removed.

EDIT last version it was active in was Sonic Pi 4.3.0


Thanks, Robin! I appreciate all the info.