Init.rb file location

it would be better than any screenshot picture…

and you will learn a new linux command (will not overload servers consuming energy with pictures - 1 Earth - not 2).


Hello Sam,
We are running Sonic Pi on iOS. We would like to have a standalone installation, automatically run when Mac mini startup. I have tried to put the code on init.rb, but is does nothing (no dispalyed, not run), I have placed de new init.rb in different location on the computer, but does nothing on startup. Any clue? I just need to run the code automatically. Many thanks!

Found! The folder is hidden by default on Mac (starting with a dot). I had to type the address on Finder → Go to folder. I hope it will help other users on iOS. Thansk!

You can make hidden folders visible on a Mac by thodlign down Shift + Command and typing a full stop . This toggles hiddenon/off each time you use it (works for recent Mac OS)