I want to make a triplet

I was trying to make a triplet rhythm, but when I do the following, I got an error.
What should I do?

t = 1
loop do
use_synth :pretty_bell
play 70
sleep t/3

Hello @hyeroni :slightly_smiling_face:
The Ruby language (and by extension, Sonic Pi, which is based on it) is in this case treating the value of t/3 as an integer, since both t and 3 are integers - therefore, instead of something like 0.3, (to however many decimal places) it is treating the result as 0.

Since an integer result (which in this results in dividing by zero) is not what you want, the solution here is to cause Ruby/Sonic Pi to give you a floating point number answer instead. You do this by making sure that at least one of the numbers in the division is a floating point number, which you can do by writing something like this: t/3.0. (note the decimal point and zero), or you could also convert t to a float by saying something like t.to_f/3 :slightly_smiling_face:


What an interesting quirk of the language and a good fix. Iā€™m inclined to go with making it 3.0

Thank you so much~~ ^^*