How to "read" the result of a "choose" tool?

Hi, I’ll try to explain clearly what I mean. Since I’m french and english is not my native language, this could be a bit difficult !

So, I have a code with functions like this one :

phrygia = lambda do
  use_bpm [100, 1000, 2500, 6000].choose
  play scale(:A3, :phrygian, num_octave: 2).choose, attack: choose([0, 0.2,0.5]), release: 5, sustain: 5, velocity: rrand_i(50, 120)
  sleep 8
  play choose([:A3,:Cs4, :E4, :A4]), release: 10, sustain: 10, velocity: rrand_i(50, 120)
  sleep choose([1, 4, 8, 16])

and I call them like this :

  in_thread(name: :demiurge) do
    loop do
      sleep choose([7, 10, 666])
      [ding, lydia, phrygia, eol]

My question is : can I create a function that “gets” the result of the ?
A thing that would go like : “if phrygia is true, then play this or that” ?
Or maybe more specifically : “if that note is played, then play this one or this sample” ?
Or : “anytime a “c” is played by any thread, play this or that”

I hope this is not too confused !