How to get inputs for sound_in? sound_devices mixer_info

Hi! Is there anything in SP that lists the names of inputs, to help identify the required channel numbers for stuff like sound_in / live_audio that uses the input option?

I’ve just thought you may be able to loop over 1…n and use n as the input, for testing, but I half-recall seeing something that lists the names of the channels (or devices?)

I tried status and scsynth_info:woman_shrugging:

Sonic PI can’t help with this. Its inputs are numbered from 1 upwards, but it is up to how you connect devices which inputs they are connecged to. You don’t even have to connecg thiings sequetially eg coud use inputs 1,2 and 5,6 for two separate stere inputs. Waht you use for teh conections depends on the OS you are running. It will be differnt for LInux or MacOS or Windows. IN linux/Raspberry Pi you can get info with command line tools such as aplay -l, arecord -l or pactl list (if you are using pulse audio or pw-link -i -o of using pipewire. With a mac I usually use something like loopback to conect. which is vusal, and on linux you can use qjackctl connection graph if using jack, or maybe carla or for pipewire you can use qpwgraph In the various gfraphical connectors Sonic Pi will show up as a SuperCollider bloc with inputs 1,2,3…up to as many as you have configured and outputs 1,2,3… You connect these to availalbe devices. The connections can be done from the command line as well but takes a bit of learning.

Here is a picture of qpwgraph showing pipewire connections on my Debian 12.

You can see the “wires” connecting the supercollider input to vmpk output and the supercollider output to the builtin audio stereo output. These wires could be shifted to the usb output below fi required instead.

Thanks for clarifying that :+1:
I am a little rusty with all the metro stuff in windows, and only just discovered you can now map apps to device in windows sound

I wasn’t sure if the “device” was accesible via id, whether there were two devices always available on my laptop (speakers and headphone - unlikely!) and whether the reset of the Out could be achieved (to toggle speakers/headphones) after pluggin/unpluggin, without having to restart sp (tried reboot but that doesn’t do it)

just perma-curious (to a detrimental degree) :sunglasses: