How to filter cues?

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to Sonic Pi. I am experimenting with triggering samples and sequences from a Roland Octapad in Sonic Pi. When I hook up my Octapad, the cues list in Sonic Pi is flooded with clock cues, but I was hoping to be able to see just the note on/note_off cues. Is there any way to configure Sonic Pi to filter the cues log?

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Hi Cozmic. Glad to have you here with us.

There might be a way, but it’s hard to tell what you mean by “cues list”. Could you show us by posting the output where it shows up? Can you trigger the samples with the controller by waiting for the right cues? (aka. do the on/off cues reach the program)

Well, I guess “I”, “Cue Viewer” is meant:

There is no other place showing cues as far as I know.

Hi, unfortunately there’s no way of filtering the incoming OSC or MIDI messages at this stage. This is planned for a future release.

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Indeed, I meant the Cue Viewer. Thanks for the responses; maybe I’ll try my hand at implementing a crude filter myself while I wait for the feature to be released.

Yeah, no problem triggering samples; I just wanted to play different samples when I hit different drum pads, so I needed to work out which notes were triggered by the Octapad.

It was easy enough for me to work this out using custom logging - my point was more that the cue viewer in its current state is not as usable as it could be.