Halloween Theme

Caution: Not Recommended to listen at night, at the risk of summoning Michael Myers

Finally got around to using arrays for my notes instead of play-sleeping. Made things a lot easier.

Here is my (almost) done version of Halloween Theme. Iā€™m not super happy with the ending yet, but it adds a variation. I need to beef it up a little more. The first run through is :ok_hand: perfect

Code is here:

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Sounds good. Iā€™d work on the structure a bit more.

In your code you are incrementing x to reference the array index where you could use tick and look (it just saves a couple of lines):

define :intro do
  introNotes = [:cs6,:fs5,:fs5,:cs6,:fs5,:fs5,:cs6,:fs5,:d6,:fs5]
  10.times do
    play introNotes.tick
    sleep 0.5

in_thread do
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thank you.

It was my first time composing with arrays, so I will take that into the next one!

Here is the 2.0 version I created. Did some tweaking to some of the sounds, and added a synth part to the end. Should be the final version.

I also transposed the first part of the Saw Theme Song last night, so Iā€™m on the way on that as well