Get current buffer as a string

I was thinking about creating something really meta, such as sonifying the current buffer by running it. Is it possible to get the content of the buffer as a string?

Did not find any method from the Sonic Pi language but after few beers found a way:

buffer = project_path+"workspace_one.spi"
text =
notes = {}
text.chars.each do |char|
  if !notes[char]
    notes[char] = {note: rrand_i(60,120), sleep: [0.25,0.5].choose }
  with_fx :ping_pong, feedback: 0.5, phase: 0.25  do
    synth :mod_beep, note: notes[char][:note]
  sleep notes[char][:sleep]

Run this in buffer one … such meta :upside_down_face: :beers: :space_invader: