Fx on sample section (like 'echo on last slice of sample')

Hi all, I’m just looking into options to apply fx to a sample section.

I wondered first about onset, and whether options to do stuff with blocks there, eg onset: fx

It may be simpler to achieve with “one-shots”, outside a loop.

Another idea I had was to use buffers to record loops, then to pass these buffers (or bits of them) to fx methods, or loops…

Idea still in its infancy, just putting it out there, in case any of you wise wizards have already concocted some similar & epic SP_potion


Something like this maybe:

with_fx :echo, pre_amp: 0 do |e|
  sample s
time_warp sample_length - last_slice_length do
  control e, pre_amp: 1
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A little rejigging to both this and my existing method, to get sample duration from file
(text-to-speech…-to-audio disk)

with_fx :reverb do
  play :c
  s = speak "testing 12345 . here we go!", 0
  with_fx :echo, pre_mix: 0, decay: 4, max_phase: 4 do |e|
    dur = sample_duration s
    puts dur
    sample s
    time_warp (dur - 1) do # sample_length - last_slice_length
      control e, pre_mix: 1

Wondering if we get at the onset times, if sonicpi knows when there’s a good bit, or auto-slicing.

Thank you! This is getting kinda cool