FX :echo delay argument

In the examples on Sonic Pi, it has a delay argument on the :echo fx, e.g.

with_fx(:echo, delay: 0.5, decay: 4) do

(in ‘Echo Drama’)

However, this isn’t in the docs for :echo
Does this do nothing? Or if it does, what does it do? And how do you find out? Are there more docs? I looked at the github but couldn’t find anything.
Thank you!

Where did you find this?

Besides the usual parameters (like mix e. g. which also come with other effects) the :echo fx only has phase (this you could possibly also call delay as it is “the time between echoes in beats”.) and decay.

it was in the examples on Sonic Pi. This particular example was from Echo Beats but there are others in other examples.
They are written by Sam Aaron, so it seems unlikely he would put anything that didn’t work in the examples.
I can’t hear any obvious difference between them.
I’ll try pinging @samaaron

Don’t be so sure - things change and it’s always hard to track all the transitive dependencies :slight_smile:

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so does delay just do nothing then

No, I don’t think so. Use phase to set the time inbetween echos.

But it does not do any harm either :wink: .