FASÍLITU: Finally, a Sequencer Í Like to Use

I can’t really post all that code to the monthly challenge #6 thread, so here are some demos of my live coding sequencer, FASÍLITU.

  1. basic paradigm
  2. arpeggiator
  3. chords
  4. percussion
  5. arpeggiator and interpolator

Here’s a list of FASÍLITU’s functions:


Arpeggiator demo using triads.

Wow, this is great stuff! Thanks for posting :smile:
I am interested in the code, did you share it somewhere?

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Thanks for the encouragement. I intend it to be open source, but it’s not yet posted on GitHub (or elsewhere).

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Great! I really like the microtonal simulated jazz ensemble. On paper, I would not be interested in that, but your choices of sounds, tuning and arrangement are very tasteful.

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The second panel of the first triptych of My Ariana Grande Covers. FASÍLITU sequences my own Omnisphere multi in EDO 19 incorporating FASÍLITU’s Interpolate function. FASÍLITU’s MarkovMelody function sequences the bass, and its Temporally Modulated Polymeter function sequences BFD on percussion.

The graphic shows our heroine in VirtualANS, which FASÍLITU modulates via OSC.