Exploring define with spread #sonicpi

# 231123 0027 exploring define with spread
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# https://youtu.be/USOvqXtbcnA
# https://in-thread.sonic-pi.net/t/exploring-define-with-spread-sonicpi/8387

set_volume! 2
use_bpm 180

define :myspread do |n1,n2,a,b,c|
  play n1 if spread(a,b).look
  play n2 if spread(a,b+c).look

#define :myspreadsample do |n1,n2,a,b,c|   # not used
#sample n1, amp: 0.7, cutoff: 86 if spread(a,b).look
#sample n2 if spread(a,b+c).look

live_loop :a1 do
  / bass /
  kn = 16
  use_synth_defaults release: [0.15,0.25,0.35].choose, cutoff: [70,80,90,100].look+line(-40,20,steps: 128).look
  use_synth :saw
  n3 = :c2
  / kick /
  sample :bd_fat, amp: 1 if spread(1,16).look
  sample :bd_fat, amp: 2.5 if spread(1,16).rotate(2).look
  / chords /
  with_fx :level, amp: 0.75 do
    with_fx :reverb,room: 0.4 do
      with_fx :ping_pong, mix: [0,1].choose do
        sample :sn_dolf,amp: 1, finish: 0.045 if spread([1,2,1,3].choose,8).rotate(4).look and one_in(2)
        use_synth :saw
        mel =knit(0,16,1,16,2,16,3,16,4,16,1,16).look
        note = :c5-0
        case mel
        when 0
        when 1
          play [note]
        when 2
          play [note,note+7]
        when 3
          play [note,note+3]
        when 4
          play [note-2,note+5]
  sleep 0.5


This is pretty sick :metal:t2:
I tried to run but I get timing errors on windows, even with loop delay and set_sched_ahead_time! 5

Tried with a 15 second delay… and it doesn’t fall over as quick, but I hear it struggling a bit… then it dies.

Will ASIO help? Any other workarounds? Are you using a powerful machine ? Mac/linux?

I found advice from Ethan on timing errors here and tried commenting out the reverb and seems okay on first run (sched_ahead and loop delay 30!)

I then took a punt and removed the delays, and broke my sp, restart required!
reattempt post restart, for me I seem to need a delay of ~10, but think even then I’m merely prolonging the inevitable…


:bulb:previously I seemed to fix my own timing issues by reducing output (puts) , but this doesn’t appear to be an option here!

I have a decent machine, but the process is only using ~1% of one core, this should run fine on most computers.
What does the Task Manager say about CPU & Memory?

To improve performance, I would probably move the reverb outside the loop. At 180BPM this is creating six new delays and reverbs per second (might lead to a memory problem).