Did anything change with the Piano Synthdef in 3.2?

Applied the PR and it sounds much better. To my ear could possibly do with a tad more, but I think it is acceptable :as is: in the pr

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Thanks for taking a look, I just double checked and you’re right, it was still a bit quiet. I’ve bumped it up a bit more and pushed it again, does this sound better to you now?

I’ve noticed that removing the scaling from vel has also changed the timbre of the sound. I think it now sounds better - closer to a piano played “normally”. Before it was harsher, almost as if the string was being plucked.

I also found that not quite all synths have the same level - :dark_ambience is much quieter, and :hollow is also quite quiet. Would this be a good time to adjust them to match the other synths or is it better to avoid breaking changes? What do you think @samaaron? I’d be happy to make the changes (possibly porting them to SuperCollider at the same time) if you think it’s worth adjusting them.

Sounds better now you’ve upped the gain a bit. As regards other synths, I agree that one or two are rather soft. However, many people will have already written stuff employing the synths as they are, so I think it probably best to leave them alone… or may introduce new additional normailsed ones with a separarte name…maybe a -N suffix which the user could select as an alternative.
The Piano synth is a special case as it was louder before already.


hi everybody,

try today the 3.2.1 BETA 2 on windows 10 and the volume of the piano is weaker than on 3.2 on ubuntu.
Maybe it’s what you want but il i test the code of my last post “mixed” on v3.2 tomorrow, the tb303 is louder than the piano.

I think tb303 has always been louder than many synths in my experience. I compared the piano volume with that of the pluck synth as they are more comparable percussive instruments, rather than a sustained one like tb303.

However I’ve just tested 3.2.1beta against my own build and it looks as if the latest tweak may not be included,as my own build at the latest commit # 9c27ec is a bit louder.
I think the pr was modified, and perhaps Sam didn’t include the change.
maybe @samaaron will check this.

This is what I use to compare

live_loop :compare do
  8.times do
    synth :piano ,note: scale(:c4,:major).tick
    sleep 0.2
  8.times do
    synth :pluck ,note: scale(:c4,:major).tick
    sleep 0.2

this is what i get

github doesn’t help to post wav file to be read…

Question : would it be possible to upload sound into this forum ?

I used wget to download your file which worked. It is much quieter than the piano synth I get from the latest download from SP source, so I guess the windows build may have used an earlier version, or else something weird is happening.

I’ve just installed the windows 3.2.1beta and it sounds fine there. Are you sure youve got the right version? I found that because the url is so long that if I just clicked it it tended to download the previous version. I ended up downloading the msi it on my mac and transferring it across.

So yes the piano volume is good now with the beta 2.

But i’m not fan at all of its new sounding… I prefer the previous one more realistic imho
Would it be possible to make two versions : piano (the previous sound) and piano_**** (i suggest piano_reverb_too_much :slight_smile: )

The problem with the previous one, was that the velocity was internally multiplied by 4, so the default of 0.2 was actually 80% of the maximum, and anything over 0.25 was sending out of range values to the synth.

You can recreate the sound of the old one by using a vel of 0.8, and reducing the amplitude accordingly.

ok perfect i will try :slight_smile: thanks for your explanations.