Code a virtual bassist for live playing

Hi everyone, I am a musician looking for the ability to replace a missing bass player by Software.
My idea would be to use MIDI Input from Keys for chord detection, trigger or mic Input for rythm+ tempo analysation that comes from the live drumset.
With this Information and some additioal selections + storage for related song settings, it should be able to play a simple live bass. Either by using build in MIDI sounds or by MIDI output connected to a sound generator or music software.
Do You think, this is possible?

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I think this is possible, I have made a file to be able to play my MIDI keyboard, like the piano keys for piano and the drumpads for drums using samples.

I can give you my code, but I mostly made it for my Novation Launchkey Mini MK3, so I don’t know if it will work on the others, but using the print function you can check what thing on your keyboard can be listened on using with a certain function/listener.

Thanks for the Feedback. Maybe I could express my need a liitle better next time. My Intention is to let this program do the Bass playing while the piano and the drums play live. The inputs of drums and keys are the information that should be used by the software to develop It’s own bass line.
I only want to make some pre settings like "play only 8th or double the bass drum., store them for a specific song and then let it play live. So I have a virtual bass player at hand that can accompanie me whenever no Bass player is available.
All features are already available in different production software, but not combined.

Sure, it is possible, but you will have to write code, and/or leverage existing code, to do exactly what you want. Anything from looking at the melody and key, algorithmically analysing what should be chord notes and passing notes and selecting bass notes based on that, or (especially if you have a graphics card) employing a trained neural network— magenta on github may have some pre-trained models that can fill in a bass part.