Changing BPM in Transitions during Live Coding


I have been doing a lot more live coding lately (actually performing in virtual worlds (Sansar by Linden Labs), at my 10 year old grandkid’s Science Technology Engineering and Math Club and at an eclectic Open Mic which has mostly poets reading their stuff (man when did swear words become art). In any case, I find transitions from song to song very difficult. One of my main problems is changing the beats per minute when doing a shift from one groove to another one. The only way I have found to make the change in beats per minute is to actually Stop the song with the Stop button. Is there another way?


YOu can use the command use_bpm n where n is the rate you want. This has a scope of the current thread, so you need to put it in each live loop you want to change. You can use the set and get commands to set the bpm value in the main program and then get it in each live look you want to change.
I’ve just been using it this afternoon to do just that.


set :bpm , 100

live_loop :test do
  use_bpm get(:bpm) #gets 100
  play 72, release: 0.2
  sleep 1

You can run this, then change the 100 in the first line to say 150 and rerun without stopping. The tempo will change.


Thx Robin that will be my new approach.


You may also want to look in to using the command “ramp.” You can combine it with use_bpm to ramp the bpm from say 100 to 150 at whatever speed you want. This is better for build up and slow down transitions. I have even tried using it within a song to make a slow break down section and then speed back up for a more dynamic sounding song.