Can Sonic Pi play short enough sleeps to make a note?

Hi. Is Sonic Pi able to make a note from reapiting a sound 400 times in a second?
I’m trying to do this reducing the sleep time but it breaks at some point. Is it posible to use seconds_based time notation instead of beat_based?

With the default BPM of 60, one beat is a second.

Yeah, that’s not a problem anymore. I still have a response problem, and i think SonicPi is just not the tool to do this : (

Is this actually possible? I don’t know much about Sonic Pi but could you share any alternate examples?

I wanted to do something like this:
I’m doing it on Python, i think that Sonic Pi is too oriented to play music, and this is more like a physic experiment where i need to play with pure frequencies and do some math with those.

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Yep, that assumption is correct. I think you might be much better off playing with SuperCollider or CSound if you’re actually interested in direct audio synthesis. Sonic Pi is higher level and is more focussed on composition and arrangement rather than the physics of sounds.