Can I use a USB Controller?

I have just purchased a USB controller for the purpose of playing video games on my computer. Knowing that USB controllers can be used to control MIDI stuff on DAWs I figured it might also be suitable for controlling my projects in Sonic Pi.

If this is the case, can someone point me in the right direction to get started with doing this?

Specifically I want the buttons on the USB controller to:
-Run the program
-Scroll through specified variables (ex. change from 0 to 1 to 2 to 3… etc)
-Play one-shot sounds
-Stop the program

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Hi there,

please do look at the tutorial section on MIDI:

I hope that this helps,


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Thank you that will keep me occupied until I get on to some more complicated matters!

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Hm, I´m still stuck at this, especially the second task:

The examples from the tutorial section work out fine but I wasn´t able to control other values, like changing the random seed. Would be great if the tutorial would contain examples on that too because I´m really stuck here.