Bug on this forum?


I can’t read the posts on the Creation & Ideas.

is there a reason for that ?

I also can’t read it. This is what it looks like:

I am also experiencing this issue

Same here , reported it on twitter.

Me too. Seems a bit weird.

I did a forum system update as advised and it seemed to block some of the posts.

I then tried to do a restore to a backup but that failed.

I’m performing today so need to focus on that, but I’m not sure what else I can do at this stage. Sorry for the issues!

Hi @samaaron

no problem we can all wait and just stay focus on your performance ! Music before everything !

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I’ve reported it here - hopefully they can help :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting the issue! (Quite a few entries aren’t readable now.)


I fixed it thanks to some super helpful advice.

It was the copy button that enabled you to easily copy all the code in a snippet that was the issue. It’s now removed and things are back in action.

No idea why this was only an issue recently, but very relieved I didn’t have to dig around in the database to figure out what was going wrong…


Thanks @samaaron for your work to get the forum back ! Get back to where you’re real belong :slight_smile: