Bringing loops in and out issue

Just wondering if someone can help me with this.

I’ve got five live loops. If I comment some of them out, by selecting the loop and hitting ALT /, then hit run (ALT R), it starts as I’d expect. Only the non-commented out loops play.

Then as I uncomment a particular loop (ALT /) and hit ALT R, those loops come in or can be heard. However, if I then try to comment out a loop while the instance is still running, followed by ALT R, the opposite doesn’t happen. That is, that loop still plays.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple.


Live_loops are designed so that they keep running unchanged unless their content has been altered when a subsequent run command is given. If you just comment out the code, because the live_loop is already running it does not think the code has altered and so it keeps going. This is the expected behaviour. It also means you can start a live_loop in one buffer and then switch to another one and add further loops there. The first loop keeps running too provided you don’t push stop.

EDIT. What you can do is to include a commented line #stop inside the loop as first line. Uncomment this and run and the loop will stop because the content has changed. Re/comment the stop and rerun and it restarts

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Brilliant.Thanks! I knew someone would know the answer here.