Smooth Parameter Automation


Hi @robin.newman,

yes! It does work. I am very greatful for this intelligent piece of code! As soon as possible I will try out some of my uses cases. This will most probably go into my startup library to be available as a standard extension.

To explain my earlier posting: Currently I have 3 SP versions, which I can start (3.1 and two 3.2x dev versions). There are some irregularities, which I am not surprised of that being developement versions. F. e. the midi fader control was not running stable (besides my stupid coding error). I also had some not expected issues with control when I first started building a fader function. In effect the same code ran one day and failed a few months later.

But this can be due to a lot of reasons. I did not have the time to investigate in a systematic way… Actually it was kind of the same with your example. So I still don’t know if it is just me, the SP version I am using or some reason rooted in my system environement or current state. Anyhow… time will show.



Glad it’s working for you. I’ve enjoyed playing with this. I’ve tried it with more complex setups using both fx calls (inside a live loop) and other parameters such as pan and echo. Can get some quite nice setups.


I just started using SP and was looking for a way to fade in a bass line. This seems to do the trick! I’ll def be playing around with it. Thanks