OSC + Loop machine + Makeymakey


Hi @robin.newman

Love the recent refactor, less duplication of code :slight_smile:

I had to modify the parsing function to

live_loop :pon do
  b = sync "/osc/sound/*"
  if b[0]==1
    r=parse_sync_address "/osc/sound/*"
    ns= r[2]#[4..-1]
    set ("c"+ns).to_sym,1
    doCommandSelect(ns .to_i)
live_loop :poff do
  b = sync "/osc/sound/*"
  if b[0]==0
    r=parse_sync_address "/osc/sound/*"
    ns= r[2]#[4..-1]
    set ("c"+ns).to_sym,0

And then it works for my OCS messages!

Looking good! FX is crazy

Putting right samples on it tonight!



I’ve done one more update to enable switching on and off of the background pusling screen and the background pulse tones. I’ve made a video on you tube showing the final project in action, and updated the code on teh gist site. see link on my last post above.



So I have patched the MakeyMakey to fit all 11 keys and that works great on MAC! However, on PI the sound is really really bad… I have removed the nodejs script from PI and running it on Mac so its not the node so it seems Sonic PI 3.0.1 running on PI3 just does not have the power? How can I troubleshoot what’s taking most resources?

Realtime is pretty much gone. and it can not keep up with timing… :frowning: Seem like I have to use bigger computer…



I’m currently looking at performance on a Pi3, which as you say is not good. I may be able to tweak things a bit, but it will not give the same performance as on a more powerful machine.

Also going to try it on a Pi3 B+ just released.


I have spent this evening looking at the program on a Pi3 and on a new Pi3 B+. I have produecd a version which is slightly less agressive on resources at the expsnes of a slightly longer response time and the loss of the gverb effects on the Mac version. I have left this on the background pulse which seems to work OK.

The main diference with the Pi3 B+ is that SP boots a little bit quicker, and it has a much faster WiFi connection, but I haven’t detected much change in performance in SP itself yet. I have added the Pi3 version to the gist. which is linked here