Monophonic sample playback in loops?

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone knows if I can / how to make a sample based loop monophonic so each sample cuts off the previous one. Currently I’ve been doing this by making the sustain length of each sample match it’s ‘sleep’ time but this becomes quite time consuming and sometimes doesnt quite work as intended.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi @gnarlyfella. Welcome to the forum!

I would recommend checking out the kill function. It is in the Lang section of the documentation.

I had played around with triggering samples with a Midi controller and ran into a similar problem of having the samples overlap when I triggered them multiple times in a row.

Here is the thread about it: Using MIDI controller to trigger sliced up samples

If you scroll through that there might be some helpful info. The solutions that seemed to work involved using the kill function.

Hope this helps!

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