Melody improvisation


@Eli Thank you for sharing the performance from @NanoMan (really beautiful…) and the MusicRadar resource! I also coincidentally found this post from 2017 on this forum the same day I wrote the comment on middle eastern music:

Maqam Music with Sonic Pi - Performance

I think I will try and see if I can create my own fork of SonicPi and customize it the same way :smiley:

@mrbombmusic That function is quite nice and actually gives a result that is not so far off from what I achieved manually! I learned a lot by examining your code, I started to play around with it to see if I can add a bit more functionality like chord changes and timing variations. If I come up with anything interesting I will post it here :grinning:

Thanks all of you for the amazing inspiration! This forum is quickly becoming one of my favourite online hangout places :grin: