How to change different instruments' sleep rhythms live?

Ultimately, I expect I’m heading toward outputting to external MIDI modules, using SPI as a sketch pad and when away from the external hardware. VST’s are also likely, I guess, but in either case I wouldn’t be using SPI’s effects, which the tutorial warns can become CPU hogs. I haven’t put SPI’s synths through the studio monitors yet, so who knows.

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That’s a plan. That’s my setup, although I do use a lot of SPi sounds - there’s good stuff in there. And the sample playing abilities are really good. For instance, drum/percussion patterns - just as good playing samples from within SPi as on a separate box - unless it’s to use a more delicate thing like Aria Player with lots of multi-level samples.

You’ve not asked for this but if you’re interested in percussion a pattern stuff, I’ll point you a this (long) topic General Purpose Drumkit - #51 by soxsa which ends I think with something like the current code I’m using - and it’s proved it’s worth. Myself, I’m a lot happier coding with this than tapping button combinations on some dedicated box. SPi is just so much more flexible too.

Might spark some ideas, and incidentally uses functions called from within threads within loops :smile:

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Ha ha, that’s the thing: I’ve never been much on samples, and my whole thing is to jam live on percussion with whatever I have going on electronically. So, unlike most people, I pretty much never sequence percussion in any form because it steps on my toes! I’m trying SPI as something that I can make live adjustments to without putting down my main instrument.

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Ah right! I’m predominantly a drummer myself, but I’ve basically abandonded the kit during lockdown to concentrate on this. After trying a lot of other electronic kit, I’ve found that whatever the question, SPi is the answer - so it’s worth the effect IMO.

No, live coding from a drum kit: no way. Me, I exclusively use the mobile yet fully expressive ZenDrum and aFrame. I linked to a couple of interesting demos there and don’t know any of those folks personally.


They look fantastic! What things there are these days eh?