V3.2.2 available to download

Hi everyone,

hot on the heels of v3.2.1 here’s v3.2.2 which is a maintenance and bug fix release. It fixes a critical issue on macOS which stopped the recording feature from working. It also features a number of language translation enhancements.


Release Notes

This is a minor bugfix and maintenance release.


  • Significant improvements to the Danish and Swedish translations.


  • Fixed a build issue on macOS that stopped recording from working.
  • Fixed issues rendering images in the documentation for non-English translations.


Link sonic-pi-for-mac-v3.2.2.zip
Size 126M
MD5 53348871f5d8d7e8b065ecbca471f556
SHA256 52828a3132ed8657a30a64f995dfe72b32f0a3b718886c3ac7e6d41d846ab441
Windows 10 64bit Portable
Link sonic-pi-for-win-x64-portable-v3.2.2.paf.exe
Size 93M
MD5 23163f26a2b07456b8f34c9d249c0582
SHA256 cf3c17bf966c115353b112548bea674c8e907a8cdd930d5f13934bb11b334198
Windows 10 64bit Installer
Link sonic-pi-for-win-x64-v3.2.2.msi
Size 162M
MD5 a7feb0414505ac0fa10cb6c72dcf6be4
SHA256 0b585382fdfa238d38bd37823f63e61be009a0424284a1441803d70c64b8bc70

I’m building a corresponding 3.2.2 package for Raspberry Pi. Probably out tomorrow.


Thanks so much for all your hard work Robin :slight_smile:

That’s really awesome. Thanks a lot @samaaron, your SonicPi it’s a milestone.
Best regards.

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Raspbian 3.2.2 deb file now released http://r.newman.ch/rpi/sonic-pi-3.2.2


The Mac binary appears to be labeled as “Sonic Pi 2” (that’s what I see in the dock and when I opened the .zip) but it does show as Sonic Pi v3.2.2 in the app bottom right corner.

Is that because you already have a file called Sonic Pi in your downloads folder? If so it will rename it to Sonic Pi 2 (or 3 or 4 for subsequent downloads). In fact you can rename it and it will still work. I have sevceral versions on my machine and they are renamed as Sonic Pi 3.2.1 release or Sonic Pi 3.2.2 release etc. It is really an outer .app wrapper folder that you are seeing. Changing the outer folder name doesn’t affect the contents which are what matters. If you right click on it you can choose view contents. (but dont alter them)

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