This is Bill Newbold,.. hi

I have been using c-sound since the 1990’s. I also have been using Linux that long as well. I like to try out new stuff. I make new music on-line in a group where we let each other use our new music with each others performances. On the weekend we gather our newest music posts and mix it up. Sound-in I am really enjoying this app, programming, I have also worked with midi for 20 years now,. My main music workstation is a supernova II from novation I have had for 17 years now,. I upgraded the os thru midi on the supernova and I am in the process of reprogramming the presets,…I play other things to, trombone, drums, and various synthesizers ,. I have been noticing c-sound being used for some video game programming. I hope we can do the same with sonic pi!! I am low on funds and am down sizing myself to have more money,… it should be soon that I can donate here,…

My desktop is an AMD running Debian and win10, thank you for the time you put into this program and all the aspects of it.

This is Bill

Hi Bill (@m8w),

welcome to the community. You seem to have quite a history (not sure if this is the right way to put it, I am not a native English speaker) in creating (electronic) music. I am looking forward to what you will do with Sonic Pi. Let us know!


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So I came back to download these interesting developments with the program…

we no longer use the sound-in site but we use a group on FaceBook… change… and my linux is now mint 19.3 MATE

still enjoying the app and how the programming going on is really intuitive I am adapting examples to new things… and learning a lot like that.

I will post my first adaptation in … the creation and ideas section in a moment… —

I hope to do more with this program.

this is bill