Temple Of The Sixth: Dark Eastern Ambient Music

A classic @NanoMan performance :slight_smile:




Great visuals. What did you use to create them?

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Sod the visuals… give me a link to the code!

Once I file off the serial number and give it a
new paint job, you’ll never know it was yours!



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@Eli - I know you’re trying to be funny, but this isn’t exactly the attitude we’re looking for here :slight_smile:

Cheers @samaaron :wink: this was a fun piece to put together, minimal for a change :slight_smile:

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@robin.newman I used projectM - recorded the audio and sonic pi log output first, then used the audio to trigger projectM. It was then put together along with effects on screenshots of the various live loops in kdenlive.

@Eli Link to the code is here

Producing the end result was via a more generative process, I just used the random seeds that I liked and iterated them into a new array.


Oh this is incredible. It’s so inspiring to see sonic pi capable of producing music of this quality. I’ve got a long road ahead of me but it’s sweet to see what it can do in more seasoned hands. Nicely done!


@NanoMan - Thank you for access to your code, I can see possibilities and ideas just from a quick read through. I’ve always loved the more ‘baroque’ eastern sound and wanted ways to bring it into my own western jazz-oriented music. This will help lots.

As a trade, please accept this snippet (which Robin was kind enough to compliment, over on our old google forum) :

use_bpm 60
set_volume! 5
use_random_seed 999

live_loop :drums do
  this_sample = [:loop_compus, :loop_tabla, :loop_safari].ring
  start = [ 0.0 , 0.125 , 0.25 , 0.375 , 0.5 , 0.625 , 0.75 , 0.875 ].ring
  sample this_sample.look , beat_stretch: 4, start: start.look, rate: 0.5
  sleep 1



Sorry Nanoman… wasting a 1/2 hour before drifting off to sleep.
Your track just had to be ixi’d and wobbled a bit…


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