Steal This Sound scd examples

Looks like an interesting collection of SuperCollider synths, part of the repo but not part of the distribution. I extracted a couple of them, there are some nice sounds in there. Worth including as part of the SP binary ? Are there any obvious barriers to including them @samaaron in terms of the way they are coded ?

Steal This Sound BTW is apparently a good resource for analog- style sound creation

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Unfortunately these synthdefs are released under a GPL v3 license which is incompatible with Sonic Pi’s MIT license.

However, I am aware of the book and in fact a few of Sonic Pi’s synths are designs I’ve adapted (the :prophet synth being a good example). I definitely feel that more of the designs can and should be ported. It’s just a shame that we can’t easily use these.

What if someone cleaned them up and shared them on this forum ? Would that be a problem ?

Sharing on the forum would be fine - provided they were also released with the same license :slight_smile:


does the stuff below still apply re SP integration ? Anything changed ?

Currently all packaged synthdefs are written in Overtone. There are plans to change this, but it hasn’t happened yet.

However, if you’re just looking to polish and share GPL v3 synthdefs, these wouldn’t be possible to include anyway, but they’re just fine to share and provide for people to download manually and load them up with load_synthdefs :slight_smile:

If I have a synthdef file called xxx.scsyndef and am using load_synthdefs "/path/to/synthdefs/", should I then be able to use_synth :xxx ? Or is the synth naming convention different for these loaded synths ? Because getting Unknown synth: xxx (but the load_synthdefs step seems to work fine)

You need to enable external synths in the Audio preferences :slight_smile:

Works! But couple I tried sound way different from how they sounds in scide :neutral_face: think they might need some modifications. I will experiment further!

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@samaaron some questions on this piTest sample SCD synth

         {|freq = 200, amp = 1, out_bus = 0 |
        [freq,freq],0,0.5)*, 0, 5, amp, doneAction: 2))}
).writeDefFile(\"/Users/sam/Desktop/my-synths\") ;
  • do args passed into the definition map one-to-one with args passable from SP ? So to call the above I could do play 50 freq: 100, amp: 0.5 ?
  • any tips for converting notes to frequencies ? Obviously would rather pass notes from the SP side


take a look at the hz_to_midi and midi_to_hz functions in Sonic Pi (in the lang section of the Help Files)

With your own synths there will be no nice conversions, sliding and checks with any of the args. Sorry.

juzbo , your example is wrong , this is correct :

on the SP side is like normal synth play 60, amp: 0.5
on supercolider side convert note to frequency with function midicps
(enter the correct path)