Sonic-Pi with VCV-Rack


Hey everyone!

I don’t know if you already have tried to do that, but using Sonic-Pi with VCV Rack is definitely a very funny thing to do and it’s really easy to setup. VCV Rack is a bit ressource hungry, but things should be better in a few months. Here is a very simple patch I made: a duophonic synthesizer with two reverb modules.

live_loop :VCV do ; tick
  midi (scale [:a3, :a4].choose, :major_pentatonic, num_octaves: 2).look,
channel: 1, port: "IAC MIDI Bus 1", vel: 120
  midi_cc 0, (line [40, 50].choose, 90, steps: 5).mirror.look,
channel: 1, port: "IAC MIDI Bus 1"
  sleep (ring 0.25).look

So far I still have problems to handle polyphony and note trigger properly. Tell me if you found a solution to easily play polyphonic textures, harmonies and counterpoints. There is a few MIDI Modules like MIDI-1, 4 or MIDI-CC to receive and parse the informations coming from Sonic-Pi.

Share your patches if you feel like it! It’s a magnificent sound-synthesis engine to use along with the sampling capacities of Sonic-Pi.

EDIT : oh, and it’s free, and partly open-source.