Sonic Pi run from the command line


I’m a university teacher and I’m using sonic pi on the raspberry pi on a course that focus on tangible multimedia. The pipeline I was hoping to implement for my students is to boot exclusively to the command line, without loading the desktop, for resource optimisation. In that regard I abandoned Processing for Pi and went instead with Pygame and OMXPlayer that run fine from the command line.

So I was wondering if it there is a way to use sonic pi in the same manner. I think the easiest solution would be to run scsynth server as a background process on boot but my reasoning is that would just enable supercollider and not sonic pi.

So, is it possible? Where can I find more info about this?

Thank you.

Don’t know if this is useful to you.
You can run SP with a virtual desktop and I have used this in several projects.

Hi robin.newman,

Thank you for the link.
I will try it this weekend.

The only problem I foresee is if xvfb has support to enable/expose the necessary api for psonic (which I think is OSC?).

I’ll post the results.

Thanks again

Hi robin.newman,

Very useful. It worked as expected and also as I needed.

But I still would be very interested in the idea of a headless sonic pi, mainly for my research projects (Godot + sonic pi).