Sonic-pi on RPI4 and bluetooth

Set up my RPI4 to link to a Bluetooth speaker. Sounds from other sources, like web browser, work fine, but sound from Sonic-Pi is only available through the Pi’s headphone jack. I searched online for this as a known issue but no luck, and I chose to post here rather than the RPI forums as the issue seems specific to the software. Is it not possible to tweak a setting to have Sonic-Pi sound output also heard through the Bluetooth speaker? Many thanks.

Are you connecting the speaker before or after starting up Sonic Pi? Once it’s running, Sonic Pi doesn’t reload the audio settings, so adding speakers after that isn’t going to work.

Thanks - I tried both scenarios - in each case the result is the same.

The problem is that Sonic Pi on a Raspberry Pi uses jackd for audio connections, and bluetooth devices will not show up as available connections for this. There is a github project which MIGHT be of use in allowing this to happen. It would take a bit of work, but could be worth investigating.
I have a bluetooth speaker, but I connect it by cable when I want to use it with my RPi and Sonic Pi :slight_smile:

Many thanks - will give this a go.